Director of Curriculum and Instruction: Allison Evans

Director of Curriculum and Instruction
Allison Evans
Mission Statement
The Carlstadt Public School recognizes the need to educate all students grades Pre-Kindergarten- Grade 8.

Our mission is as follows:  
To develop the scope and sequence of content objectives for Pre-Kindergarten-8th grades in the Carlstadt School District.
To improve curriculum development, articulation, and implementation of new initiatives.
To explore the development of successful instructional practices through professional learning activities.
To work collaboratively with all stakeholders, providing opportunities to engage students in learning across all content areas.    

Language Arts Curriculum Guide

Math Curriculum Guide

Science Curriculum Guide

Social Studies Curriculum Guide

Music- Performing Arts Curriculum Guide

ESL Curriculum Guide

Performing Arts Curriculum Guide

Educational Technology Curriculum Guide

Art Curriculum Guide

K-8 Media Center Curriculum Guide

World Language Curriculum Guide

Tools of the Mind Curriculum Guide

District Testing Calendar

The document below indicates dates when district and state assessments will be administered.

 district assessment calendar 18-19.pdf 

The document below gives you additional information regarding mandated State Assessments. 

 parental notification of assessments.pdf 


Intervention and Referral Services

The Mission of the Carlstadt Public Schools Intervention and Referral Services is to provide our staff with access to an interdisciplinary team of teachers in order to address the academic, behavioral, and health support of all students.

Members of Carlstadt's I&RS Team:

Superintendent, Stephen Kollinok

Principal, Kenneth Foy

Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Allison Evans

Social Worker, Susan Kiely

School Psychologist, Melissa Simon

Language Arts Specialist, Lois Teller

Mathematics Specialists, Keri Izzo and Jennifer Milligan

Guidance Counselor, Kelly Helfrich

Teachers, Jessica Nilsen, Jackie Henderson, Kelly Ydrovo

English as a Second Language Teacher, Janet Markowski


To learn more information about the I&RS Committee, view the informational brochure below.

 I RSparentinfotrifold 1.pdf