Message from Principal Foy:

For your child to receive the greatest benefit-from a classroom situation, it is imperative that he/she be properly prepared every day. Therefore, we have established specific procedures that will be strictly enforced by all classroom teachers in Carlstadt Public School.


  1. Basic Classroom Preparation


All pupils must have a pen, pencil, textbook, notebook and anything else required by the classroom teacher to be considered properly prepared. A pupil who is not properly prepared will be expected to remain after school to complete the work missed for that day. Work not completed after school must be completed at home and submitted to the classroom teacher on the next day school is in session. Middle school students may be assigned to the working lunch program at the discretion of the principal.


  1. Make Up Work


Make up work, due to absence(s), is due within three (3) days unless special arrangements are made with the classroom teacher. Work may be requested after the student has been absent for two (2) consecutive days and requested in the morning. A parent/teacher conference is required if the missed work is not made up. Parents are requested to check Staff Websites for assignments, study guides, and copies of class handouts before contacting their child's teacher for missing work.

  1. Quality of Homework


All homework assignments must be neatly written and in complete sentences, except mathematics computations. Any assignments not submitted, as described above, will be unacceptable.

  1. Parent-Teacher Communications


Every teacher is available from 3:00-3:30 p.m. daily or by email at any time. Parents are encouraged to contact their child's teacher as soon as a question arises concerning schoolwork or behavioral issues. Early contact can help avoid misunderstands and promote good communications between parents and teachers.


A more extensive outline of each teacher's individual class requirements will be distributed on Back-to-School Night. We urge you to make every effort to attend!  All of us here at CPS are looking forward to a very exciting and productive year ahead! Again if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact your child's teacher and/or call the main office at 201-672-3000.