Summer Tutor Rersource List

Summer Reading Program for all Grades


Dear Parents and Guardians,

          This summer, your child will be participating in a fun summer reading adventure! All students at Carlstadt Public School will be reading various genres of books with one common theme, Build a

Better World! Your child should select a book from their grade level list. Students should select books based upon interest with keeping their reading level in mind. The books on the lists are highly engaging and recommended by kid readers from all over the country!

          We are fortunate to be able to collaborate with the William E. Dermody Public Library in Carlstadt. The children’s librarian, Erin Hughes, will be planning activities your child can participate in throughout the summer. Please visit the library for more information.

          Upon our return to school in September, students will engage in book talks in their classes to discuss what they have read and how this theme relates to their lives. Also, as your children are reading this summer, snap a picture or tweet a favorite part from the book using the hashtag #Carlstadtreads. Follow that hashtag to find tweets from other students, teachers, and staff!

     Our goal at Carlstadt Public School is to foster a love of reading and create lifelong readers. Our hope is that this summer reading project will help your child reach these goals! I am excited to hear all of the adventures your children take this summer through reading!


Allison Evans

Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Summer Reading 2016 - ALL grade levels  - Please scroll down to your grade level to see the books to choose from.