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At present, each classroom is equipped with a teacher's Apple desktop, a Promethean Board, a document camera and a network laser jet printer. Each teacher also has their own Chromebook for traveling or outside workshops. We have 2 Apple computer labs with 27 computers and a color laser printer in each and a state of the art TV studio and STEAM Lab. At CPS, we use many different software titles throughout the school year. Some titles include, but not limited to: 


GoGuardian Gimkit
NORedInk Parent Square
Aimsweb Link-it
IXL Code Monkey
Edmentum- Reading Eggs Gimkit
Clever Science4Us
Learning A-Z, RAZ Kids Edulastic
KnowBe4 Delta Math
Interactive Health Technologies Google Education Suite
Explore Learning -Gizmo Dreambox Reading Park
Edulastic Nearpod
School Messenger EC Pillar - Python suite
Follett Vocabulary A-Z

Piano Marval

BrainPop Jr.

Sphero, ibots, Active Floor

Savvas Realize



Janet Olsson

Technology Coordinator


phone: 201-672-3009

technology graphic