Supervisor of ESL-Diana Gutierrez

ESL Teacher: Janet Markowski

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 ESL Parent Advocacy Meeting



English as a Second Language (ESL) is designed to emphasize academic support to promote success for students with limited  proficiency in English who are taking content courses with native English speakers. Students will develop their English proficiency skills  by improving language skills in all language domains (speaking, listening, reading and writing) as well as increasing the vocabulary used in the different content areas. Students are encouraged to continue to develop skills in English while using background knowledge to enhance understanding of new concepts.


Teachers and students will use a variety of support materials while learning new strategies for organizing, applying, and evaluating content. Basic techniques will include pre-teaching of vocabulary, review of content instruction, use of Sheltered English strategies, and graphic organizers. Students may also work with peer groups, and peer tutors as they continue to develop content-based language skills. General education  and ESL teachers collaborate on planning instruction, grading, monitoring progress, and providing accommodation for student’s success. ESL instruction helps students adjust and feel more comfortable in a new country and culture.


Entry and Exit Procedures

Beginning in July 2019, all local education agencies in New Jersey must follow common, statewide evaluation and standardization procedures for ESSA Entry and Exit of English language learner (ELL) status.

Identification of ELLs (Entry) The Home-Language S (HLS) survey will be administered for all students upon enrollment. It can be administered through a Google form or an oral interview, upon request. 


Entrance Steps

  • Step 1 Home Language Survey is completed  by parent and front office staff

  • Step 2 Records Review by ESL Teacher 

  •  Step 3 Multiple Indicators Review by ESL teacher


Exit from ELL Status Students must demonstrate readiness to exit based on the English language proficiency assessment and criteria included in the English Language Observation Form. All ELLs in New Jersey will be exited using the same standard; a 4.5 cut score on ACCESS 2.0 and multiple indicators is necessary for an ELL to exit status. 


Exit Steps Exit Criteria 

  • Step 1 NJ Standard on ELP Test 4.5 on ACCESS or Alternate ACCESS 

  • Step 2 English Language Observation Form 

  • Multiple Indicators (e.g. classroom performance, the student’s reading level in English, judgment of the teaching staff member(s), and performance on achievement tests). Led by ESL teacher


Parental Notification

  •  For ELL identification, parents/guardians will be notified in writing in English and in the language in which they possess a primary speaking ability, within 30 days of the beginning of the school year or 14 days from the time of identification for mid-year enrollees. 

Considerations for Students with Disabilities Students identified as ELLs with a disability will receive language services and appropriate accommodations, as indicated by the student’s 504 or IEP.