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Chromebook Acceptable Use Agreement


The Carlstadt Public School (CPS) believes all students should have access to technology when they act in a responsible, efficient, and courteous manner. CPS will prepare and inspire all students to contribute and excel.  The district provides ongoing student instruction that develops graduated digital citizenship for using technology as a tool to achieve this mission. Information and communication technology is an integral part of CPS’s curriculum across subjects and grades in the district. I understand that using digital devices and the school network is a privilege, and must follow school rules and commit to the following responsible use guidelines:

Student Responsibilities

I will

  • Use digital devices, networks, and software in school for educational purposes and activities.
  • Keep my assigned user-name and password private.
  • Show respect for myself and others when using technology including social media.
  • I will not tamper or damage any hardware or software.
  • Give acknowledgment to others for their ideas and work.
  • Report inappropriate use of technology immediately.
  • Take care of any and all equipment that I use.
  • I will not add stickers or write on the equipment. I will not remove any stickers or labels the technology department added.
  • I will only print when I have been given permission.
  • I will ask for help if I don’t know what to do or if something is not working.
  • I will not buy or sell anything online.
  • I understand that if I break any of these guidelines, I might not be able to use the computers/devices.

The student agrees to protect the Chromebook in the following ways but not limited to:

  • I will not leave the Chromebook unattended.
  • I will not loan out my Chromebook to other individuals
  • I will know where my Chromebook is at all times
  • I will keep food and beverages away from my Chromebook
  • I will not place decorations (such as stickers,  markers, etc.) on the Chromebook
  • The student shall not remove or alter any CARLSTADT PUBLIC SCHOOL identification labels attached to or displayed on the Chromebook.
  • Parents and student understands that the Chromebook is subject to inspection at any time without notice and remains the property of the Carlstadt Public School Board of Education. It is further understood that all messages, communication, and/or files sent or received are subject to inspection by school administrators at any time.
  • Lost, Stolen, and/or Damage Chromebook 
  • The student is responsible for the care and appropriate use of the issued Chromebook and agrees to keep the device safe and secure at all times.
  • The student must report theft (or suspected theft), loss, damage, or malfunctioning of the Chromebook to school personnel immediately.
  • Parents may be held responsible for repairs or replacement of their child’s Chromebook if the procedures above are not followed and/or negligence is determined.

Student Fair Use and Copyright:

I will do my own work and not copy the work of others that I find on the internet or in other places.

Student Network Security:

I will not click on ads or boxes that pop up on my screen.
I will not download, upload, or install anything on school technology without my teacher’s approval.
I will not bypass the CPS network security or disrupt the use of the network in any manner.

Virtual Instruction:

During video/audio conferences and virtual instruction, students will be visible/audible to other participants (students and Carlstadt staff) in the conference/instruction session using technology such as Zoom or Google Hangout or Meet.  It is also possible that others in the participant's households may see or hear the participants.  A student and his/her parent are not permitted to record any audio and/or video conference or virtual instruction without staff permission.  For the duration of any video/audio conference and virtual instruction, participants are expected to act in a school-appropriate manner.  Regular school rules and consequences will apply.  In the event of inappropriate behavior, a student may be removed from a conference and disciplinary action may be taken.  Should the student fail to follow these rules, the student may be removed from the conference/instruction and disciplinary action may be taken.