Carlstadt Technology : Technology Coordinator, Janet Olsson

The Carlstadt Board of Education is committed to providing our students with the best possible technology and online resources to enhance our curriculum and increase student achievement through its use.

We use many types of technology throughout our school. Students in grades K-8 and teachers use Google Apps to communicate and collaborate using Chromebooks. We have 3 computer labs and a library resource center lab. Our students also have the opportunity to use both iPads, iPad minis, in many classes. Each classroom has an interactive  Promethean whiteboard. Technology is used as part of direct instruction as well as on an individual basis. Many students will participate in independent learning activities, communicating and sharing information in new and different ways through the use of technology. Technology plays an important role in differentiated instruction, providing ways to learn that match a student's learning style.

Teachers use a variety of online resources to achieve their curriculum standards. We take advantage of blogs, wikis, and video conferencing software to communicate and share content. 

Contact Information:
Phone: 201-672-3000 Ext. 3009

Internet Safety

Internet Safety             

The Carlstadt Public School is committed to educating our students about Internet safety and how to use the Internet and other technology devices responsibly.  Although we regularly talk to the students about safe ways to use the Internet, it is a good idea to review information with your child about how to use the Internet that meets with your approval as a parent or guardian.

Internet Safety Education - Each student receives information on Internet safety throughout the school year prior to using the computers for class projects as well as at specific intervals by members of our staff. We use the resource Common Sense Media to teach Internet Safety and meet E-Rate requirements. We have brought in special guest speakers to speak to the students about specific items of Internet Safety. We will continue to include programs and content to encourage Internet safety.

Content Filter - At school, we have a content filter that enables us to block sites that we feel are inappropriate for school-age children. We update the content filter on a regular basis and can unblock sites that have educational value.

Acceptable Use Policy - Each of our students, staff, and administrators signs an Acceptable Use Policy which stresses online safety and outlines what we are allowed to do in school and what is considered unacceptable use by our Board of Education and Administrators. This policy can be viewed on our website at any time.

There are many resources available online that offer valuable information regarding safe Internet use. Please use them to help you educate your child about using technology safely. Visit OnGuard Online for all types of computer information from protecting your computer to cybersafety.